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NCLEX-PN or RN, advice?

I was wondering how hard/easy it was taking it. I am starting as a freshmen in college for nursing and my mom was a nurse so I know more than the average teenager. I would hang out at her work all the time and watch what she did and all that. She gave me the NCLEX-PN Saunders Comprehensive Review and I have been studying it the past 2 weeks.. I went through the first 7 chapters and answered all the practice questions right without looking at the answers or looking back into the reading. I read the chapter until I know it and answer the questions. I want to know stuff before my nursing course/clinicals start so it’s not so hard for me to take in all at once… If I study this book enough will I be ok on the NCLEX-PN board test?

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Answer by Nie
It was hard and intense! I graduated this March and I still preparing for my NCLEX PN. The class gets tougher as time goes on. Exams are so hard. Lots of paperwork (careplans) to do! Clinicals gets harder and stricter specially before you graduate.

But if you still want to be a Nurse and have patient and passion taking care of people then this course is right for you!

FOR registered nurses or any-1: i need your help!please give me the rationale for this NCLEX-RN Q&A?about BKA?

ive been doin practice test and theres no explanation for this Q&A

here’s the question:

At 72 hours after a right below-knee amputation(BKA), the nurse should

correct answer:
lie the patient prone for 25 minutes every 3-4 hours

i just want to understand the rationale of the answer.

thank you so much for you help!
drcmao5658, thanks for your reply. anywayze here are the rest of the choices; 2. dangle the patient’s residual limb over the side of the bed 3. abduct the patient’s residual limb by placing pillows between the legs 4. elevate the patient’s residual limb on a pillow.

i initially answered 4

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Answer by drcmao5658
Ok Im a nurse and I have no idea. Why would you put someone on there stomach for 25 minutes? Weird. Maybe there is a typo. What were the other answers. The only far fetched idea i can come up with is to get pt off back to prevent bed sores but prone is a little extreme. Hope it helps a little.

NCLEX tomorrow!!!!!!?

i graduated from my LPN program on july 27, it has been about 6 weeks since then and i have scheduled my test for thursday (tomorrow) at 3pm. i got my authorization to test about 2 weeks ago. i have been studying and doing practice tests, i bought the Saunders/Silvestri review book and use the CD-ROM. I feel fairly confident. i was just curious how long other LPN’s waited to take their test????????

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Answer by rrosin623
Like a week or so.

Any recommendations for the NCLEX-RN exam?

I am about to take the test…I have solved more than 900 questions as practice, but I keep getting 60-70% om the practice test…this test is IMPORTANT

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Answer by Glorytaker
Study, take practice tests. First Aid for the NCLEX, NCLEX for Dummies…

How’d you nurses do taking your NCLEX for the first time?

What are the typical pass/fail rates for people who take the NCLEX the first time?

My wife is completely bummed because she failed it on her first try. Mostly because she passed a similiar test to graduate, she’s been studying like crazy for months, and has consistently passed her practice exams by more than enough. Plus, she temporarily loses her OR job and gets bumped down to scrub tech for about half the pay until she can pass it again.
Good point, sharpe. She technically didn’t fail yet. She’ll get the results thursday. Her test shut off after the minimum and she is convinced she failed. She was also studying immediately afterwards.

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Answer by keltillos
My computer shut off as soon as I finished the minimum number of questions. I got a perfect score.
The company doing the NCLEX for Florida insists that students educated in the US have an 88% pass rate on the first try.

Her problem may be that she is studying wrong. Does she have an NCLEX exam prep book? Each question tests the student in 3 different areas; she needs to focus on those rather than the question content.

Site with free practice tests for LPN students?

Could someone please give me some websites that has free practice tests for LPN students. I really need this because my instructor tests are way too difficult. I may as well be taking the NCLEX-PN :)

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Answer by DrIG
Free LPN practice tests may be found below./

Can Kindle 2 act as a touch screen test?

I went to the kindle store and I know they sell test preps. Specifically I need a nclex-rn review book. For the practice exams, is there a special feature that allows you to answer them directly on the Kindle or do we need to pull out a seperate sheet of paper?

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Answer by Bobby
No, it is not a touch screen. Perhaps in the next version…

NCLEX-RN: What’s the least amount of time spent studying?

Has anyone passed with studying for only 3-4 weeks? I have been doing a ton of test questions & practice tests, and just re-reading my notes from classes.

I keep hearing about people who study for 3-6 months and I don’t want to wait that long.

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Answer by Brown Sugar
i took two weeks off from studying after i graduated. then i just studied for 3 weeks. i figured at that point, either i knew the material or i didn’t. i think it’s best to take the test as soon as possible to keep from overloading your brain. good luck!!

Taking the NCLEX-RN in 2 weeks and i was wondering how i should feel?

I am taking the NCLEX-RN in 2 weeks. I have taken the Kaplan 4 week review and study course and dont practice tests online. Every time i take a practice test i barely pass or barely fail… like on the boarder. I am afraid this means i will fail the real exam. Anyone out there with help on this who has taken it within the last month or few months? should i be nervous?

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Answer by misiu
i know how you feel gurl…goodluck!im gonna take my nclex this april too.

I am a nursing student wanting to get an idea of what kinds of questions will be on the NCLEX emam?

In no way do I want to cheat by any means, but I just want to get an idea of what types of questions are on there; True or False, multiple choice, open-ended questions and about how many questions and how long does it generally take to finish the test? Also, is there anywhere I can get a practice guide/test from so I can prepare myself for the real NCLEX RN exam? Thanks a bunch!

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Answer by Pyar
Seriously , try the local library .