sample nursing care plan for acute tonsillo pharyngitis?

Best answer: Answer by QuerymanTonsillopharyngitis is an acute infection of the pharynx or the palatine tonsils or both. Symptoms may include sore throat, dysphagia, cervical lymphadenopathy, and fever. Diagnosis is clinical, supplemented by culture or swoft antigen test. Treatment is dependent on symptoms. Specific Objectives: Specifically: 1.)To know what causes to have Acute Tonsillopharyngitis. 2.)To […]

USA – Nursing Degree (RN) Possible Online?

In the UK, to obtain a Nursing Diploma/Degree, you must apply to a University, and the course is then 50% academic (Uni) and 50% experience (Vocational). They throw you into the deep end as Students, over 3 years, with experience in the work place in Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, ER, Nursing Homes, Schools, Home Visits, Operating […]

I need a nursing care plan for a patient in acute renal failure. ?

I came up with the a diagnosis of fluid volume and ineffective tissue perfusion r/t decreased cellular exchange and capillary blood flow. I can’t figure out goals for each diagnosis that are measureable. Could someone please help me out!!! Best answer: Answer by RNPotential for infection related to altered tissue perfusion Potential for electrolyte imbalance […]