How to answer a boring question?

Life is so boring, job is a grind. Low salary, no promising future. No excited news on the Internet. No interesting contacts on MSN. People around me are boring. Don’t know where to hunt for excited news, don’t know where to find interesting people. Don’t want to talk on MSN, don’t want to talk to […]

USA – Nursing Degree (RN) Possible Online?

In the UK, to obtain a Nursing Diploma/Degree, you must apply to a University, and the course is then 50% academic (Uni) and 50% experience (Vocational). They throw you into the deep end as Students, over 3 years, with experience in the work place in Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, ER, Nursing Homes, Schools, Home Visits, Operating […]

Would you take a look at my resume?

I’m trying to find a different job, and I would like some peer review before I start handing out my resume. Please let me know if there is anything that I can change Objective To obtain a position as a receptionist in a health care facility while continuing my education Profile I am a sincere, […]

Do You Pay for Emergency Medical Technician certification ?

In California.. bay area and what about the fire academy ? how much and about how long do they both take? Best answer: Answer by RadTech – BAS RT(R)(ARRT)Yes you have to pay. Here is some info about City College of San Francisco:

Where can i buy the textbooks for MEDICAL NURSING & for FINANCIAL SERVICES ACCOUNTING for a new start..?

Please help.. Where can i buy Textbooks? Medical nursing books and Financial services accounting books… can someone help me on this because i have no idea what textbooks to buy for a new start student for this course… I am a new student at TAFE and wanting to buy Textbooks for nursing and accounting just […]