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Labor and Delivery Online Nursing Degrees?

I would like to get into nursing- specifically labor and delivery. However, I don’t know where to start. I’d like to try an accredited online school to start off with, but how do I know which ones are legit?

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Nursing care plan for Bilateral Tubal Ligation with Epineorrhaphy?

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Answer by jilldaniel_wv
I think you mean Episiorrhaphy instead of Epineorrhaphy.

Is there anyone who can assist me regarding financial aid available for nursing students or single mothers?

Hi, I am planning on attending an out-of-state school and tuition is outrageous. I have been accepted with an ACT of 26 and am hoping to take the SAT this Saturday as a stand-by registrant so that I can hopefully increase to a better score and have more chances of gaining scholarships. But I was wondering about any other programs for single mothers? My family is not deemed low income, either. Thanks!

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Answer by Mano
financial aid

TO ALL SUCCESSFUL REGISTERED NURSES!: Can you give me good tips on how to pass the NCLEX-RN like you did?

First of all, I am a new nursing graduate and I am currently taking up EMT-Basic. I am balancing my review for NCLEX-RN and the review for the EMT-B Registry. I plan to take the NCLEX-RN this January for the first time. Thanks y’all!

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Answer by Jill
Get as many NCLEX review books as you can get your hands on. Look for the ones that have several comprehensive practice exams with full rationales for each answer and answer as many questions and read as many rationales as you can. Make studying the week before the exam your full-time job – try to answer at least 2000-3000 questions. And take the day before the exam off. If you didn’t learn it by then, you aren’t going to learn anything new in the 24 hours prior to testing. And you’re not going to know everything they could possibly ask no matter how much you study.

And remember, NOBODY feels confident that they passed the exam when they walk out of the test. Try not to freak out. :)

Good luck.

Tell me a good nursing college?

I am a resident of gingee. I would like to do nursing after my higher secondary. Tell me a good nursing college nearby.

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Answer by naga
Good choice to study nursing. There is a reputed nursing college in tiruvannamalai. Al-ameen nursing college. U can get all the details in the website.,%20Colleges,%20Tiruvannamalai%20-%202411