I need to find an online LVN / LPN nursing school. I have lots of medical experience and work FT days now…?

I used to be a paramedic – expired years ago so medical experience is my strong suit. I can get into Excelsior to get my R.N. if I have my LVN / LPN. Best answer: Answer by Brandon WYou will not find one. Because of the clinical element of those programs, they cannot be offered […]

What is a really good nursing shoe?

I’m starting school this coming August for a health care program, and one of the uniform requirements is an “all-white shoe”, preferably athletic, (no clogs, sling backs, crocs, etc) and I will need them to be very comfortable and supportive as I will be standing in surgery for clinicals for numerous hours at a time. […]

what are the differences between vocational, online, and university nursing programs?

I decided to not continue my education as a business major and instead wanted to get into nursing. what kind of school would be best for a college student who is working full time and want to change careers? what would be beneficial for me? and what are the differences? i want to get the […]

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Most sources list a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist as the highest paid nursing specialty. There are many other nursing specialties that make close to that, but it is the top paid nursing specialty.