NCLEX-PN or RN, advice?

I was wondering how hard/easy it was taking it. I am starting as a freshmen in college for nursing and my mom was a nurse so I know more than the average teenager. I would hang out at her work all the time and watch what she did and all that. She gave me the NCLEX-PN Saunders Comprehensive Review and I have been studying it the past 2 weeks.. I went through the first 7 chapters and answered all the practice questions right without looking at the answers or looking back into the reading. I read the chapter until I know it and answer the questions. I want to know stuff before my nursing course/clinicals start so it’s not so hard for me to take in all at once… If I study this book enough will I be ok on the NCLEX-PN board test?

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Answer by Nie
It was hard and intense! I graduated this March and I still preparing for my NCLEX PN. The class gets tougher as time goes on. Exams are so hard. Lots of paperwork (careplans) to do! Clinicals gets harder and stricter specially before you graduate.

But if you still want to be a Nurse and have patient and passion taking care of people then this course is right for you!

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