FOR registered nurses or any-1: i need your help!please give me the rationale for this NCLEX-RN Q&A?about BKA?

ive been doin practice test and theres no explanation for this Q&A

here’s the question:

At 72 hours after a right below-knee amputation(BKA), the nurse should

correct answer:
lie the patient prone for 25 minutes every 3-4 hours

i just want to understand the rationale of the answer.

thank you so much for you help!
drcmao5658, thanks for your reply. anywayze here are the rest of the choices; 2. dangle the patient’s residual limb over the side of the bed 3. abduct the patient’s residual limb by placing pillows between the legs 4. elevate the patient’s residual limb on a pillow.

i initially answered 4

Best answer:

Answer by drcmao5658
Ok Im a nurse and I have no idea. Why would you put someone on there stomach for 25 minutes? Weird. Maybe there is a typo. What were the other answers. The only far fetched idea i can come up with is to get pt off back to prevent bed sores but prone is a little extreme. Hope it helps a little.

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