Yes or No Survey: Has anyone embarassed you lately?

I was mildly embarassed the other night. It was my younger sisters graduation ceremony for nursing.
I was with a group of 10 people or more, and I noticed everyone kept looking at my ex husband, who unfortunately was present, and giving him strange looks. I try to look at him as little as possible so I didnt notice anything strange for him.
2 different women came up and whispered in my ear “I see now why you are divorced, you really had 4 children, not 3.”
I glance over at him, and in this formal auditorium at a candlelight ceremony where a sign says “no eating”, there he is, licking, sucking and eating a tootise pop loudly with his legs resting on the chair in front of him.

The final piece of the puzzle.

Best answer:

Answer by The Individualist
Nope. Not lately.

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  1. Awesomeness says

    Yes,yesterday.My crush walked up to me,and said “Why do you like me?” There was 50 people,at least,in the room. Everyone got all quiet,and I just said “You can’t help who you like.” He looked at me and said,”That’s reasonable,I guess.Anyway,no one can resist me.” I started laughing. But now,everyone knows. (He even posted a note on the science room bulliten board I had wrote to my friends that said “He is sooooooooooo cute” and stuff like that. Even the teacher laughed!)

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