Would there be any difference if i used the NROTC scholarship for nursing school or another career pursuit?

I am going to apply for the Navy ROTC scholarship to go to University of Texas in Austin. Would there be a difference in benefits, PT, requirements, etc. if I pursued something like engineering? I’m not just interested in engineering, I’m just trying to learn all the details of the scholarship.

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Answer by Larian LeQuella
Generally ROTC scholarships are tied to the field of study you start in, so if you get a scholarship for engineering and decide to go for nursing, you’ll have to re-compete for a new one (although if you have a scholarship, and want to move into a field they need more, then it’s usually a gimme).

As for ROTC requirements, there is no difference based on your major. The only difference may be incentive pay you could get for specific career fields AFTER you graduate (i.e. I know doctors, lawyers, and us pilots got bonuses). Not sure about nurses, although I can see them getting them since they are needed. Engineers generally don’t have bonuses.

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