why do people in administration always configure things that look good on paper but dont work when implemented

i work in healthcare and the nurse to patient ration is getting much worse than it used to be. as long as we turn a profit, the hospital or administrators that are adjusting the grids dont seem to take into account the safety of the patients. half the time the people who make these adjustments have no prior experience as healthcare professionals themselves, but rather they’re business administrators. unless they’ve walked in the shoes of nurses on the floor, or are willing to do so; they shouldnt sit there in their ivory towers and try to dictate what works. they have no idea the acuity of the patients we take care of today..

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Answer by kiki
The reason they come up with these ideas and enforce them is because they have no clue what it’s like actually working it. It’s very sad. Especially when the well being of people and their lives that are at stake.

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