which one to choose business or nursing degree?

I am enrolled in a online school and I am going to school for business administration with a concentration in human resources and a minor in accounting…but here lately i have been thinking a lot about nursing which one…. I can think of plenty to do with a business degree. And with nursing I hope I wont be going to school for 6 yrs(I have to go to a community college and then transfer to a university) and not land a job as a RN when I graduate. HELLLP

Best answer:

Answer by Draven
Generally nursing is 2-3 year program to become an RN. 1 year of prelims, then 2 years of actual nursing school. Yes, you CAN go longer, up to a PHD if you like. But to become certified and start to work, it’s 2 years.

I’d stick with nursing… I should have. Business will fluctuate – economy up, economy down. However, people will never stop getting sick. An RN with a business background has a long career of nursing management.

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