Which one of these Universities is the best for Nursing degree( in Georgia)?

Georgia State University
Columbus State University
Kennesaw State University
University of West Georgia

Please Rank these Universities for me PLEASE!!! From the Best to the worst( not worst per say)

Best answer:

Answer by Cochise
By the US News ranking

1. Georgia State
2. Kennesaw State

The other two are about equal 3 & 4.

To achieve your BSN, you do have to attend a 4 year school. There are 16 public universities in Georgia that offer that program. They are all worth looking at except for Valdosta State – which is weird and you ought to avoid that one.

If you want an RN, you can usually get that training and certification through community colleges. In Georgia, there are an additional 11 community colleges with that program.

So now you get to do some online research and put some thought on how you wish to proceed. To locate schools in Georgia with the nursing programs, use the following free website provided by the College Board:


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