What’s it like to live in North Dakota?

I’m from New York City and I wanna live somewhere much colder. I absolutely LOVE cold weather. NYC winters are very warm and lacking for me.

I know I love cold because I was in Montreal, Quebec this winter and one evening it got down to -2’F with a -20’F windchill and I was just loving every second of it. Clear blue skies, huge plooms of steam rushing out of your mouth and nostrils, crunching snow under your feet… I love it all.

I’m contemplating either moving to Minnesota, North Dakota, or Fairbanks, Alaska after I finish college with a Nursing degree.

So whats it like living in ND? Around Fargo…
Cost of living… easy to get a job? How are outside recreational activities there?
Do people go to Winnipeg or Minneapolis more often?

Thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by D-M-X
NYC winters ARE cold. north dakota is full of nothing.

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