What should I look for in a nursing program?

I am thinking about entering a program for LPN in my town. This is what it says on their website,
“The Robert T. White School of Practical Nursing is conditionally approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and the State of Ohio Department of Education. The Program is accredited by the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.”

Does this qualify as a good nursing school? What should I look for in one? Also, what is an average tuition for one of these programs?
Well, the school has only been open for two years and as far as the passing rate of the LPN test is concerned, I’d have to find that out.

What does “conditionally accredited” mean? I mean, how can you be conditionally accredited? Doesn’t make sense to me.
I received a response from this school the other day. They are not “conditionally” accredited anymore. They received their full accredation in July of this year. Out of their 26 students that took the LPN exams this year.. all 26 passed!! So I guess that is good news!

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Answer by Beau R
This question should more appropriately be asked of the state’s Board of Education, and Board of Nursing. You might also get a recent yearbook, and look up some of the graduates, and get their opinions.

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