what should I include in gift bags for mom’s day 4 shelter?

I am working on starting a not for profit program that does celebrations and parties for people who are in shelters, low income, nursing homes etc.. I want to try to do my first event for mothers day by donating gift bags to a shelter for mothers and children. Any ideas on what I can include in the bags? I will be asking people for donations of gifts (not money since I do not have a business license yet). Also any idea on how to find a small shelter? Should I try to make this a party or just a drop off kind of thing (I’m thinking security for the women may make having contact with them difficult) Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by emmapeel66
I’d make it a drop-off if I were you. You could include the kinds of things they wouldn’t buy for themselves like lotions, scented soaps, and cologne. You could also put in gift cards for a resturant or a store. Candies and cookies would be good as well. Or you might contact a shelter and ask what they think would be the best.

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