What should I get my sister for a college graduation present?

My sister spent the last 4 1/2 years going to school fulltime for nursing while working fulltime and raising two kids. I’m so unbelievably proud of her! Originally I was going to get us tickets to go see New Kids on the Block (dorky, I know) because we used to listen to them all the time when we were younger, but in all honesty, I cannot afford to spend $ 300/ticket. She has always said “Don’t get me anything. Save your money. I don’t need anything.” but I really want to get her something to show her how proud I am. She doesn’t like jewelry and I know that any sentimental things will be appreciated but then they’ll end up in the back of some closet. I was then going to get her a gift certificate for a spa day but again, I don’t think she’ll really use it. She might like it, but I know it won’t really be money well spent. Can anyone give me any ideas? I’d like to keep it under $ 150. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful because I’m tapped out. Thanks!!
Clothing is not an option either. She is currently working to lose weight so I know she doesn’t want any new clothes until she reaches her goal weight. Other ideas?

Best answer:

when i graduated cosmetology school, i was given a necklace with a gold plated pair of scissors on it, from the other students……. maybe you could talk to other nurses, and see if they know of anything similar……maybe call her instructor, and get ideas too !!

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