What is the best nuring degree to get?

I am in college and thinking about changing my degree to nursing. Some people say that and MSN degree is the best. How many years do you have to go to college and what is the salary range per HOUR? Thanks!!

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Answer by Maz
Depends on what you want to do. I wouldn’t see the point of getting and MSN unless you wanted to be a practitioner or a nursing instructor. LPN is one year of school. ASN, RN is two years of school and BSN, RN is four years of school.

Salary ranges depend on where you live and work. Agencies and private duty places pay more ($ 20-30/hr in my area for LPN), nursing homes pay decent ($ 14-$ 16/hr in my area for LPN), and hospitals pay at the lower end of the scale ($ 10-$ 13 in my area for LPN). My friend made $ 50.00/hr as an agency nurse in Texas (RN, BSN). The best thing I could tell you would be to look up the wages for the area that you will be working in for a better idea.

Other tips: Nursing school can be hell, so be ready. There is probably a waiting list so you should start applying as soon as possible. There is also usually a test you have to take before getting in to nursing school (the NET test). You should go to the nursing program of your school to get all of the requirements. It can be competitive! Good luck.

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