What do i need to apply to take NCLEX-RN in the philippines? How do i apply?

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Answer by Gregg DesElms
First you need to decide what US state you’re going to practice in. There are fifty of them, you know.

In the US, nursing is licensed/regulated by STATE, not nationally (even though the NCLEX is a national exam). Each state simply employs the use of the national NCLEX, but it is nevertheless all very state-specific.

So, you really need to find out what the state in which you intend to practice will require of you in terms of your education, as well as other exams which it may require… like one in ethics, for example; or in the laws of nursing.

The ONLY authoritative place where you may obtain the kinds of answers you seek is from the WEB SITE of the NURSING BOARD of the STATE in which you intend to practice once you’re in the US.

Only THERE. This is not the place.

Also, from the Filipino nurses with whom I’ve talked, information about how to get into the US as a nurse is EVERYWHERE in the Philippines… or at least in Manila. If you’re in any kind of nursing program there, then you should be able to easily discover how others have done it. It’s my understanding that it’s common knowledge among Filipino nurses.

In fact, thinking back on it… didn’t one of them (who has come to the US as a nurse only within the last three years, so I know it’s relatively current information) tell me that there are places in Manila where Filipino nurses intending to immigrate to the US to become nurses can take the NCLEX? I think so.

One HUGE problem for you, too, is your immigration papers… your work visa, your greencard, etc. You’ve got to get that all lined-up. And you have to do it through nursing, else you’ll have a many years wait. The US needs nurses, so you can get expited through the immigration system… but it’s still tricky. Lots of I’s to dot and T’s to cross. Tread carefully.

But more important than anything: CONSULT THE WEB SITE OF THE NURSING BOARD OF THE STATE IN WHICH YOU INTEND TO PRACTICE. Rely on information from it, and NOWHERE ELSE!

Hope that helps.

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