What are the state of Ohio requirements for an EMT. emergency medical technician?

Do you have to have a clean driving record and be drug free to be an EMT and to drive the ambulance?

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Answer by jurydoc
Admission Requirements for
EMS Training
• Are 18 years of age and are not attending
high school, except those students who
are 17 years old provided that the student
is enrolled in the 12th and final grade in a
secondary program.
• Have not been convicted of, plead guilty
to, or had a judicial fi nding of guilt for
any of the following:
1. Fraud or material deception in applying
for, or obtaining, a certifi cate issued in
accordance with this chapter;
2. A Felony;
3. A misdemeanor involving moral turpitude;
4. A violation of any federal, state, county, or
municipal narcotics law;
5. Any act committed in another state that,
if committed in Ohio, would constitute a violation.

After completing the required D.O.T. based EMT course the state of Ohio makes use of the EMT National Registry Exams (NREMT) credentials for licensing. They issue licenses to those EMTs and Paramedics who have successfully passed the courses and practical tests. The two part exam process consists of the NREMT computer examination as well as a multiple station skills assessment test. The EMT Basic practical certification in Ohio is unique to most other states in that their scope of practice includes the use of advanced airway devices, ET and Combi tubes.

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