What are the benefits to going from a RN to BSN to MSN for NP vs. RN to MSN accelerated w/out getting the BSN?

I am a RN w/ associates degree and want to be a NP. There are accelerated programs offering RN to MSN without obtaining a BSN. But I am wondering if not having the BSN first makes you less desirable to employers. The schools offering the accelerated programs are very good schools like the University of Michigan.

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Answer by emt1033
It’s all a matter of time, obviously. Accelerated programs will cram everything into a short amount of time. Pros are you become a NP sooner. Cons are you will spend all of your free time studying or doing clinicals. I guess it comes down to your ambition, age, family, and financial situation. Either way, you’re making a wise decision. Good luck to you on whatever decision you make!

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