What are some study tips and test taking tips for Pathophysiology & Pharmacology? nursing school?

I am in my first semester of nursing school and am currently taking a class called Pathophysiology & Pharmacology. Does anyone have any study tips or test taking tips? THANKS!!!

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Answer by Jill
Make flash cards with your meds and the basics that you can find in a drug book, like it’s main uses, main side effects, nursing assessments that you need to be mindful of (if you give an anti-hypertensive medication to a patient what should you be checking?), and potential interactions.

Pathophysiology was probably the hardest course I remember taking in nursing school. My only advice for that is just keep reading and re-reading the text and use the end of chapter summaries. And ask questions if there is something you’re not understanding, use your instructors as a resource outside of class. Email them, or stop by to visit with them during office hours. Often they might unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally) let slip areas to focus on for the test, give away answers, etc.

When taking tests, the basic rules always apply. Take your time to read the questions and all answer options carefully. Pay close attention to words like never, always, all, none, should/should not, as those can clue you in on the correct answer. When in doubt, follow your ABCs, airway, breathing, circulation. Always remember that patient safety is the highest consideration, and pain is lower in priority because it’s a psycho-social problem, not an immediate physical threat.

Best of luck!

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