What are appropriate gifts for nursing home staff?

There are about 4 staff workers in each unit – an RN and several aides. The Nursing Home sent a note saying that cash gifts aren’t permitted, but cookies or fruit are ok. The aides rolled their eyes at that. I got the impression that gift cards might be ok, but don’t know how much to purchase. One aide in particular has spent a lot of time with our family member and with us.

Family member was recently admitted to a unit with 16 patients.

Best answer:

Answer by Izzy
If you are going to get a gift card i’d say $ 100 would be an appropriate ammount. You don’t want them to feel to guilty and like they should go and buy you a giant gift and you don’t want them to feel like you don’t really appreciate their efforts. A nice card to go with it telling them how much you appreciate their help is something you should include. Otherwise if you feel you should obey the note a nice candle or a popular book would be a great present. Flowers or a nice plant like a gardenia is a very thoughtful gift.

Good Luck!

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