Verbal and Physical Abuse from Patients Allowed By Mental Health Agency?

I work for a mental health agency in North Carolina and they allow for the verbal and physical abuse of their direct care staff (techs, nurses, therapists) from the patients that reside at this agency. By law, is this allowed? Is there any legal recourse (reporting to accrediting agencies JCAHO, Medicaid, Department of Human Health Services, LME, etc..) that such actions are being allowed by the administration at this agency?
Although it is “Frowned-Upon” by the agency, under confidentiality laws, mental health workers are allowed to report incidents of verbal threats and physical violence to law authorities…

Best answer:

Answer by Kelly
well if you’re dealing with crazy people, some of them cant help but be violent if they feel they are in danger. its a natural instinct for them. you cant necessarily report it because they have an excuse: they’re psycho.

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