USA – Nursing Degree (RN) Possible Online?

In the UK, to obtain a Nursing Diploma/Degree, you must apply to a University, and the course is then 50% academic (Uni) and 50% experience (Vocational).

They throw you into the deep end as Students, over 3 years, with experience in the work place in Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, ER, Nursing Homes, Schools, Home Visits, Operating Rooms etc.

I’ve recently learn’t (mabye incorrectly), that in the US, a Nursing qualification to be an RN Nurse – is 100% academic?

If correct, one could obtain the title ‘RN Nurse’ with never setting foot in a Hospital or other associated medical setttings?!!!

Is this true? If so how? I find it incredible a graduate would be allowed to work with patients with zero practical experience before starting work?

Please enlighten me my fellow Americans. I am not having a go at your system, I simply don’t believe than one can be an ‘RN’ nurse by taking an online course – as is advertised by the University of Phoenix, for example.

Many Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Denise J
You can take online courses for additional study but you can’t become an RN online without classroom participation and study.

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