Should I pursue medical billing while pursuing nursing at the same time?

I am currently in school for Nursing but I need money to help my mother. None of the retail store provide enough money (mostly minimum wage). So I was thinking that while I am in school to take medical billing online classes.Is it a good idea? Is it possible? or does anyone have any ideas of other options for other job

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Answer by Valentine
Here is the thing, the billing/coding field has become over saturated with new grads with no experience, most employers are only hiring coders with 2 years experience. So if you did this program, you will more than likely not get a coding job, but rather a lower HIM job, such as medical records, billing, front desk, etc. You would probably make more than retail. I used to work with a woman who was going to nursing school, but worked as a biller (not coding) and it worked for her.

Plus when you tire of nursing (as it is a stressful job and most burn out after awhile) you can use your billing/coding knowledge and work for an insurance company auditing, they always need nurse coders since they know more A & P and medical terminology than regular coders.

I think as long as you know going into it you will probably have to start at elsewhere, I think its a great idea

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