should i go to med school or for nursing?

Hi, I’m going to college next year. And I’m not sure yet which path to take. I’m very smart and I enjoy being in themedical environment. I am already directly admitted into the nursing program at West Virginia University, but I was talking to an intensive care nurse the other day (I intern at a hospital) and she told me that I should just go to medical school. I’m young and she said that if I’m already planning on getting my masters degree in nursing which I was, that I should just go to med school. Its only a few years longer and it pays much better plus you are more of your own boss. Money is definately important to me. I want to live. Comfortable life without having to worry, I have hobbies that I would like to continue and I want to be able to provide for my family when I get older. I heard that medical school is super hard but I also heard nursing is too. I guess I’m scared because med school is way harder plus I would have a lot more debt. Which path would you Choose? Why? Please help and if u are an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist, please tell me what you think about your career. Thanks I appreciate It!

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Answer by Tara
Maybe you should try nursing, and if you decide you like medicine enough, you could apply to medical school. Medical school is extremely competitive, so if you have experience in the field, your application would be stronger.

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