Setting up a meet and greet with the head of the college nursing department?

I’m currently taking my pre-req’s at a community college this is my last semester. I’m trying to figure out what classes I need so I can transfer over to a four year college/univ. Someone had suggested I set up a couple of meet and greets with the head of the nursing department from the various schools I would like to attend. Can anyone suggest how I can possibly set up these meetings?

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Answer by Kris
Well the easiest way would be to ask the Admissions offices at these various colleges if the heads of the department do meet and greets. If not, you can talk to the admission counselors who would be able to let you know the courses and the pre-reqs required for entrance into the school. They would also be the best means of helping you personally than from you researching. If they are unable to answer your questions they may direct you to the higher ups who would then talk to you.
If the heads do meet and greets then you may be able to set up an appointment through their secretaries – which is another process that can be done by contacting the admissions office.

Good luck!

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