How hard is nursing school?

I start an AA RN program in less than 2 weeks now. I did well in the pre-reqs (a B in anatomy and A’s in Micro and Physio) but I hear that nursing school is horrible and there is a TIMED math test in Pharmacology 4 weeks in to do medicine conversion equations and if you get anything less than a 90% you’re out! I’m lousy at math, particularly algebra. I have a tutoring session planned for tomorrow to help a bit with that and ease some of my fears… but I’m starting to really wonder if I can do this. So, how hard is nursing school?

I have a 3 year old son and am a single mom. I’ve done alright so far and realize that I will have to put out some effort… but I really would just like to know that this is truly Do-able. People are making it sound like it’s the most stressful thing I’ll ever do.

HELP!! Please tell me what your experience was like and what to expect. I’m freaked out here!

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Answer by Go For Broke
People always get the misconception that math is hard. Math is a foreign language. Just like learning any new language, you have to devote tremendous amounts of energy and time into your studies to understand how to speak and read it.

Nursing school is not easy because nursing school is at a very high-demand because of the lucrative job offers.

Instead of thinking of the negatives, think about your son and how much positive you can bring into his life and your life once you complete your program and start bringing home the nice checks.

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