Question about online schools?

Are they any better than regular local colleges? I know for a fact that I don’t have to pay any money back for the amount I recieved from my FAFSA because I am very low income. So basically, it’s like free college.

But, if you go to school at one of the popular online colleges like UOP or Ashford University, do you have to pay them back if you are low income?

Anyone who has any experiences with online colleges, please share your experiences.


I am thinking of online because of the convenience, but am having a hard time choosing. However, if I have to pay them back, I do not have the funds, so that would cancel out the possibility completely and I would just have to make my local community college fit into my hectic schedule (which includes toddlers and a fulltime job) somehow.


I’m interested in these programs – Nursing, Medical office administration, Web Design, Accounting, computer programming.

I’m not quite sure yet, but am definitely wanting to enroll into a college.

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Answer by Andy
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