question about army ROTC nursing scholarship?

I’m a senior in high school. For the longest time I’ve wanted to be a Neonatal or Obstetric Nurse. I want to apply for, and hopefully obtain, the army ROTC nursing scholarship. I’m afraid that when i get to college, I may find that nursing isn’t right for me and decide that i want to major in something else. If I have the scholarship, will the army force me to complete all of my nursing classes and work for them afterwards if i no longer want to be a nurse, or would i just have to pay back the scholarship money that paid for my tuition?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Best answer:

Answer by Sandra M
If you get a scholarship that is based on you becoming a nurse, then you would have to pay the money back and if you are far along into the program – a junior – you may also have to serve enlisted time. Another option may be to stay in the rotc program as a non scholarship cadet if you change majors. You would not get money for school but you could still be commissioned as a 2lt.

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