Online degree programs for people with math problems?

Im currently in an in person college for medical assisting. I know I’m much smarter than that and want to have a real associates degree. I have a math problem and places like University of Phoenix require too much math. What schools do not require alot? I want to definately work in healthcare. Do any online programs offer nursing?

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Answer by CoachT
There are online programs that offer nursing for people who are already in the health professions and working (LPN, Paramedic, Technicians) but none that are appropriate from start to finish.

As for the math – let me suggest that you either take some remedial math classes and learn it, or give up the nursing idea. There is some serious math in nursing.

Example: You want to give drug X to a patient who weighs 55 kilos. Your going to administer .05mg of the drug in 1:10,000 solution for every 10 kilos your patient weighs. You don’t have any 1:10,000 but you do have it in 1:100,000 solution. How much do you give? Doc will be yelling at you if you haven’t figured this out already.

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