Online classes for nursing??? ?

do any of you take online classes to start your nursing? im a mother of 2 and expecting so i think online classes would be perfect for me… Ive been looking online and just get confused and don’t know which ones are real and stuff so if you know any good schools or anything can you please let me know… thanks

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Answer by Lacy
I’ve actually done a lot of research on nursing online, even YouTube has videos. I really don’t have the time (or maybe patience? :P) to go to a class on nursing. I’m expecting, also and Google has become my best friend. I write down any questions I might have to ask my doctor at my check-ups.

And if you do decide to go with some sort of online-class or instructional video type thing, make sure you read their return policy and make sure the site is secure and all that jazz before sending them money or credit card/personal information online.

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