OK should i take out a student loan to become a nurse or just wait till i can save and use federal aide?

May be i should just go take out a student loan and get the education then after with a job in the ever prominent health care feild get a job as a nurse and pay off said loan. Or do i just wait till i can save and use fafsa? I already have some debt but i need to get my education now

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Answer by Moodles
Why do you need to get your education now? you have your whole life to do whatever you want! Don’t rush, its what 3 years of training? What’s 3 years compared to your whole life? nothing! Take out a student loan if you must, your only gonna use it for what its for right? Get a part time job in the meantime for paying off your other debts, etc. Keep your job while training, student loan will not last! Hope this helps.

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