nursing question?

so as ive stated before im really interested in going to school in the medical field.. i did not take my acts or sats.. is it still possible to go to school for nursing or do you have to take those tests in order to attend the nursing programs? and if your just gettin an associates degree in nursing whats the difference? i live in a small town in idaho for a while because im pregnant and my bf and i have to pay for our baby and pay our cars off and he has a decent job here and i have a job but want to start college next year since im only 18.. but they only have csi which is a smaller college and it has radiology tech. and nursing but i think its only for the associates degree in nursing…also is radiology tech good money?

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Answer by Barbara A
It is OK to have an associates degree for nursing. I know many very skilled, caring nurses who have their AAS. In theory, the higher your degree the more money you make and the more opportunity you have to advance. This is clearly NOT TRUE in all areas of the country. I admire your willingness to make a better life for yourself and your family.
As for Rad Techs..they make pretty good money, like nursing, depending on where they work. And like in nursing, you can “specialize” as a rad tech..doing ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, ER, OR and more. The doors are wide open for an ambitious person.
I would suggest you not choose either of these professions for the “Money” because you may be disappointed. As a nurse, I would rather you choose this profession because you have a gift of caring for human life.

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