Nursing Degree in NYS or Alaska – any suggestions?

I’m hoping to go to Broome Community College for two years, and then transfer to Binghamton University for a following 4 years to receive either my Bachelor’s or Masters [not sure if I’ll stay long enough for Masters].
The issue being – BU has an exceptional waiting list already, and couple that with the fact that I’m currently [in high school] holding an 84.865 GPA [3.0], and I’m 26/98 in my class — not exactly top material for even getting into BCC, let alone BU.

So question:
What Colleges in NYS or Alaska have Nursing Programs where I can receive my Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees?

I’m look at UAA for Nursing, as I was already looking their to begin with – but I would love other suggestions.
Preferably from those who actually have experience in College/Nursing settings – but any answers are greatly appreciated.

I will be looking into this myself, of course.
Preferably upstate New York or lower Alaska.
AKA: Near Binghamton/Norwich/Oneonta in NY, and Anchorage/Talkeetna in AK.

Thanks again!

Best answer:

Answer by littlemissknowitall
UAA nursing program has a waiting list, too. But your grades seem pretty good, so you should try for it. Aim wider. There are other good schools out there, and some have great financial aid. You may not have to go to a community college first, you can just go right into a nursing program. I would recommend applying to at least 7 nursing schools. Because of the loss of some of their endowment money in the stock market, a lot of colleges have had to limit their enrollment, so they don’t have the room they used to have. I congratulate you for going into the nursing profession. You will always be able to find a job and you will always know that you are doing something important. If you can, go ahead and get your nurse practitioner certification (CNP). It will really pay off for you.
If money is an issue, look and see if the US Public Health Service still pays for nursing school for people who sign a contract to work a few years in public health service hospitals or underserved rural areas. You’ll meet some nice people and get some really good on the job experience.

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