Nurses…My friend is graduating from nursing school this friday?

what would be a good graduation present. She has worked really hard and I want it to be nice!

Best answer:

Answer by blondie
There are lots of good presents for graduating nurses…a gift certificate to a uniform shop (so he or she can pick out their scrubs), a water resistant watch with a second hand always comes in handy, some of those crocs shoes (my friends swear by them! Personally i use Danskas for work.) You have no idea how much a good pair of shoes facilitates being on your feet, pounding the hallways! A day trip to a spa (to recover from all those stressful hours spent studying). I found out after 10 years on the job that a nurses bag to carry my stuff (stethoscope, pens, spare scrubs) was invaluable to me. A NCLEX study guide for state boards (graduating from school is just the beginning, now he or she has to sit for the boards…like a final exam on all the subjects that you studied in school all in one test!! Talk about stress!). A gift certificate to a nice place to eat…with nursing school being so expensive, chances are he or she didn’t get to eat out much. Thats a start maybe someone else can come up with more.

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