NCLEX questions are usually very tricky, how can I learn to understand exactly what the question is asking?

and not get cought up on the details. I am a good student, but I have found myself missing a lot of the practice questions because I think the question is asking something different. I need to learn to take the questions apart and understand what is it EXACTLY what they mean. If anyone has good advices on how to be a good nclex test taker, I will welcome their coments. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Katzue
First, I always check to see if there’s something dealing with AIRWAY. Remember your ABCs, Airway is always the priority. Next, I know that there may be multiple correct answers, but one is always the MOST correct and the HIGHEST priority. Pain is normally a lower priority.

If I get overwhelmed by answers, I narrow it down to two and decide between the two which answer it is. It’s always easier to know which answer(s) it’s NOT.

Good luck, the NCLEX IS tricky. Just slow down and carefully read each question and you’ll be fine. Make sure to get a lot of rest the night before and eat a breakfast the morning of. You’ll be a nurse in no time!

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