My nclex pn stopped at 85. How often does this mean you fail?

The nclex stopped at 85. I am so scared that I failed. How often do people fail with 85?

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Answer by James W
Well my mom has taken both the NCLEX PN and RN and passed both with the questions stopping at around 90 or so. The test has a weird way of working. Look at it like this: You start the test and your score measured how far above or how far below you are from a line that is stationary on 0. The line measures from -50 to 100. You start above the line with like 20 points. Every question you get right, your score goes up towards a hundred. If you miss a question, it starts going down. You can fall below the line into the negatives, as long as you have enough questions to pick yourself up and still attain a passing score. Once you answer so many wrong and get so far into the negatives, your test shuts off. Also if you get so far above the line your test cuts off. So you probably have about a 80% chance of passing and a 20% chance of failing. I remember how stressed my mom was when she took those tests. She was shaking when she went to take them. They are very important. I think you will do fine. Hope you passed. :)

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