My husband wants to get a 2nd bachelors degree in nursing or psychology.Will financial aid pay for this?

My husband’s first bachelors degree wasnt paid for through financial aid because at the time his parents made too much money.Now he is unemployed and wants to get an 2nd bachelors degree in nursing or psycology.His first bachelors was paid by perkins loans and such.His first degree accum GPA is 2.4.So he wont be eligible for a masters program in clinical psycology.Would he be eligible for financial aid if they didnt pay for his first one?

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Answer by spalmer
He could still qualify for federal stafford loans (which will need repaid) and/or scholarships. The federal pell grant is generally only given to individuals who have not earned a bachelor’s degree (as stated on this website:

Do they sometimes make exceptions… yes. So, it would be worth it for your husband to fill out the application. In addition, if your husband is currently unemployed, he should see if he qualifies for the WIA grant — he can get information from your state’s website or the unemployment office.

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