manageable or not: full time graveyard worker and nursing student for junior college (day classes)?

predicament: being a husband, a father of one child, and a mortgage payment to pay, will it be realistic to be in a day schedule nursing program be manageable? what are my alternatives? quitting work to focus school but opt for a student loan?

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Answer by peteslayerofgods
There is a girl in my one philosophy class who works a full time job, trains for a marathon, is pledging to a sorority, and has the time to take 21 credits.

She was in the hospital this weekend because she literaly passesd out from the exahustion and had to be put on an intervenous drip because she had been eating cookies as her primary meal because they were the only thing she had time for…even so she still intends to follow this schedual she has set out.

So yes, it is “manageable”, but your health will deteriorate greatly if you don’t have any time to rest, and your school work will suffer if you have no time to study.

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