Life – The Question Game!?

You are a Junior in Highschool. You notice the Senior Quaterback of the Football Team is Absolutley Gorgeous and That you have Lunch and Study hall with him. He approaches you one day and says He thinks you are cute. Even though you are a Freshman he asks you on a date! You accept the offer.

1) What are your names and where is your first date?

You guys started going steady, He asks you to have sex and you do. Now your in trouble because a few weeks later you find out your pregnant. You tell him and he promises to stay with you forever. You go to the doctors and find out its a Boy.

2) Whats your nursery theme?

Your 6 months pregnant and Your bump is starting to show alot now. Your scared but he asks you to prom. You go and have a great time!

3) What color and What kind of Dress do you wear?

A month and a Half later your sitting at his graduation. You feel uncomfotable and When you stand you to cheer for him your water breaks. 1 hour later you had an emergancy C-Section and your son was born nearly 2 months premature but weighing in at 5lbs 4oz and 18inches long.

4) Whats your Son’s name? What does he look like?

Your boyfriend gets a full scholarship to a Comunity Colledge! He uses the money he had saved and bought you an engament ring.

5) Where does he propose?

So you finish your Senior Year on Cyber School. You start online colledge courses and He goes dailey to his. You begin planning your wedding.

6) Whats your dream wedding?

Its been 8 years. Your now both working full time while your son goes to school. On your 25 birthday you find out your pregnant again! And a few months later on his 26 birthday you find out its Identical Twin Girls! Everyone is so proud you guys made it this far! You set up the nursery and have a special babyshower!

7) Whats this nursery theme?

Your girls are right on time! You have a natural home birth with a Doula present! Your girls are 6lbs9oz and 7lbs 2oz!

8)What are there names?

The girls are one and your son is almost 10. You decide your gonna have 1 more baby! Soon enough you find out your pregnant again with a little boy! Your house isnt big enough so you move!

9) Whats your dream house?

You paint a final nursery! And a month later your son is born! He weighs 10lbs!

10) what nursery did you choose and whats his name?

25 years fly by! Your oldest son has 3 girls and 2 boys! Your oldest daughter of the Twins has 1 girl and Your Youngest daughter of the twins has Twins 1 boy 1 girl. Your youngest son has a twin boys! Total you have 5 Grandsons and 5 Grandaughters!

11) What are their names?

Your in a nursing home and your husband passes on! Before you die you witness your first Great Grandchild be born!

12) You chose the gender, Whats its name?

You die and lived a great life filled of family and love! THE END

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Answer by Mercedes
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