Leg is swollen, scaly, itchy ,& big sore. what is it? Serious answers please?

My Hubby, has an outragous swollen leg, a 1 inch sore by the ankle, the skin from ankle to almost the kneecap, is red, itchy, scaly and burns. Looks Nasty. What to do, 1 year ago the hospital said it could be poor circulation, every test you can imagine, they had no diagnosis. they took samples of the wound and about 4 weeks later they sent a letter stating it was a positive culture, We called, no info would be given to us. A Nurse said Micro Organisms. Can any medical professional on Yahoo help me out??? i can send you a pic of what it looks llike.

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Answer by sleejo18
hey yes the fisrt thing i thought of was bad cirrculation but it could be that maybe he is allergic to something in the air and he has hives. just what i think i would like to see a pic if i could…thanks! :) sleejo18@yahoo.ca

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