Is this why we need “OBAMA’S” health care plan?

In the latest case in the government’s campaign against abusive drug-marketing practices, the Justice Department charged Johnson & Johnson with paying “tens of millions of dollars in kickbacks” to a nursing-home pharmacy company to boost sales of J&J drugs to nursing-home patients.
Prosecutors, in a complaint filed in federal court in Boston Friday, accused J&J of illegally paying Omnicare Inc. to buy J&J medicines and recommend their use to nursing homes. Under the arrangements, prosecutors alleged, Omnicare’s annual purchases of J&J medicines nearly tripled to more than $ 280 million.

With the new, massive, complicated, and secretive OBAMA health care plan, this ice burg tip of the pharmaceutical industry greed would have remained buried ….

Remember …. HR3200 says:
Sec 223
(e) CONSTRUCTION.—Nothing in this subtitle shall be construed as affecting the authority of the Secretary to establish payment rates, including payments to provide for the more efficient delivery of services, such as the initiatives provided for under section 224. (WINK, WINK)

(f) LIMITATIONS ON REVIEW.—There shall be no administrative or judicial review of a payment rate or methodology established under this section or under section 224. (WINK, WINK)

Kinda reeks of “Barney Frank’s” Affordable Housing plan.
(We give as much as we want, to who we want, when we want, and you can’t do nothin’ about it)

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wow I didnt know that

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