Is this a realistic expectation about travel nursing . . . ?

I’m working on becoming an RN now. My husband is a school teacher, off in the summer. I love to travel. Does anyone know how hard it might be for me to get a travel nursing job somewhere like Hawaii, Florida, California, even the UK (overseas possible?) during just the summer? And do these agencies allow for moving your family to live with you in the housing they provide? I’ve researched some travel agency sites already, but I’d like to hear from someone in the industry who might know firsthand.

Best answer:

Answer by gimeabrak2000
yes they will pay the room and board etc for you and your husband
atleast the larger ones
but they will not pay to move your entire household
the thing is to close off your house
and move during the summer
and go back for the winters
they pay very well also this is very doable

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