is there a such thing as an online nurse practitioners program?

I know that there are many schools now that allow you to get a BSN online. Are there any schools that allow you to get an NP online?( legitimate schools)? How do they handle the clinical requirements for the NP. Thanks

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Answer by heyteach
You can get an MSN online, as per Vanderbilt U, however, they seem targeted towards admin, NOT APN work.
While they don’t advertise as “online degrees,” I suspect quite a few legit nursing schools will allow a good percentage of their coursework to be completed online. Clearly clinicals are needed, as you noted, so as no one could be accepted to the MSN without the BSN and RN licensure, they MUST have their programs designed so you can work, do the clinicals, and fit the coursework in somehow.
I’d suggest contacting whatever MSN offering universities you’d consider and see how they manage to do that.
Alternatively, a hospital HR department should have such info as it’s in their interest to get MSNs and keep their BSNs happy and well-educated.
For strictly online, everyone’s speciality appeared to be paperwork though.

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