Is RN (registered nursing) a good job and is there a Class at University Maryland u can take to get a Degree.?

Also, can anyone give me information about the job overall.

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Answer by msnoose
1st answerer is a scam so stay away from that site. They give this same answer 50 times a day to every kind of question.

Nurses are in great demand; if you go to a nursing college and get your BSN
(3 to 4 years) you will be able to start at any hospital at over $ 50,000 per year and quickly go up the ladder. The BS in Nursing qualifies you for administrative, teaching and supervisory jobs which are getting from $ 60,000 to over $ 90,000 /year and more in large hospitals like in NYC.

There will always be a need for nurses and less people are going into that field causing a world wide shortage; because you have to be smart, studious and caring. It really does take a special person to be a nurse.

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