Is real estate so cheap in Alaska that any medical assistant w/o a college degree can afford a 3-story…?

…townhouse, like Bristol Palin?

This story says she’s paying for everything herself, including all the new furnishings. (Or does the story employ verbal subterfuge, suggesting that Bristol is only paying for the furnishings and not the actual condo? It’s not clear to me.)

Is it really that cheap to live in Alaska, or would she have to be making a pretty penny from her public speaking gigs? The story asserts she’s not receiving help from her parents.

This isn’t a political question. I’m genuinely wondering if someone on that salary can afford what’s described in this story.

Best answer:

Answer by My Take on It
I doubt she qualified for a mortgage (if she even owns this place in her name) on her own. My guess is, she had her parents cosign.

Real estate in Alaska is not dirt cheap. You want dirt cheap? Go to Detroit.

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