Is a nursing program that cuts out the chemistry and biology requirements any good?

Ok so Pima medical institute has a 96 week nursing program that has omitted a lot of the requirements that the university and community college here have. You are granted an Assoicate degree of Applied Science. Do you think one could find a job with degree?
Sorry Pima I know I have picked on you a lot but only cuz I am thinking of giving my money to you.

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Answer by nittygritty
find out if its accrediated dont ask the school find out there are websites online that will tell you.. try this website….because the anatomy part is really important to nursing..not just knowing where the body part is located but how it works and why. etc… weigh your choices carefully before you make a decision. just becuz you get a degree doesnt mean you will pass the licensing. board.s.. gotta have your license to be a nurse..

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