If you go to school to be a nurse, can you choose which area you want to work in while in school?

When my mother went to nurses training years ago, she said they trained you in everything like obstetrics, surgery, mental health, etc. When you were done, then you could pursue which way you wanted your career to go. Is that still true today?
(I could deal with being a scrub nurse in surgery, or working in an ME’s office helping with autopsies, but if I had to work in obstetrics and watch babies being born, I’d vomit..that totally grosses me out.)
I was just wondering. Helpful answers appreciated.

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Answer by latj
Nursing is either a 2 or 4 year degree. An LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN (Licensed Vocation Nurse) at 2 years or RN (Registered Nurse) at 4 years. You can also go on to become what is know as an NP (Nurse Practitioner) which basically works right along with the doctor seeing patients. Yes you can choose which field you want to go into. It depends what school you go to and how they divide their training. I’ve always said I wanted to go to school to become an ME but then I don’t think I could really handle the blood, I went to nursing school for two years and didn’t enjoy the blood. It mostly depends on the school you choose the “availability of courses the offer”. At first you take basics and learn the human body and then you branch off into your specialty.

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