If i join the Navy Reserves can I get a civilian travel job?

I want to join the reserves to help some school cost but I was wondering if when i graduate i can drill in different units across America. I want to be a travel nurse when I graduate nursing school.

Best answer:

Answer by Doug
I’m not sure if the navy is different but as a Marine Corps reservist the best answer I can give you is that you won’t be able to drill across the country at a moments notice because the paperwork to switch drill centers is kind of a long process. However if you do want to become a traveling nurse there should be no problem. You’ll just have to tell your employer that you need so long to get back to your drill center for your drill weekend or AT and even if it conflicts with your job it comes first. By federal law they are not allowed to fire you or discipline you for missing work on behalf of your military duties. Go for it though man, try to become a corpsman because it will give you a little hand on experience in the medical field and you might get to be in a unit with us, hoorah

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