Ideas on what thank you gift to get the nurse who trained me during nursing school?

I’m an RN student and just completed my precepting hours with a nurse the day before yesterday. I’m swinging by her home later today to pick up the letter of recommendation that she agreed to write for me. I’d like to get her a thank you gift for her time with me. I was thinking a gift basket of some sort or maybe gift certificates, but I’m not sure.

Some info on her if it helps to come up with ideas – She doesn’t drink wine or coffee. She is married and has three kids including a little 2 year old she spoke about often while I was working with her.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Also, I should mention that I’m a poor nursing student and single mom… so I have no more than about $ 50 to spend on this, max.

Thank you for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by lfh1213
Your warm, heartfelt thanks are the MOST appropriate gift you can give to your teacher. Nothing else is expected; and, it borders on the inappropriate to give a ‘gift’ at the time of collecting a letter of recommendation.

If you feel you MUST give a gift, a token keepsake is best. A photo frame, a nice key ring, a nice pen set that she can use at work…

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