I took my nclex pn exam yesterday and shut off at 85 questions can anyone tell me if that is passing?

I have been told by my instructors that if it shuts of at 85 questions that you done really good. Some of the questions was not making it clear what answer was correct and I was getting some check all that apply, can someone tell me if shutting of at 85 questions a good sign?

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Answer by AndreaRN5278
When I took my NCLEX exam the computer shut off after the minimum number of questions. I was so afraid, I thought either I just passed with flying colors, getting nearly all of them right, or failed miserably. I think the chances of failing miserably are very slim!!! I did end up passing. I live in Ohio and the Ohio state board of nursing has a link you can check to see if you pass, before the results come in the mail. I knew in about 2 days. If your state allows this, it is certainly worth checking out. It will ease your mind!

Good luck to you!

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