I really need help! Do online schools offer the required pre-med courses?

I know that the required pre-med courses go something like this:
A year of Freshman Chemistry along with the appropriate laboratory courses
A year of Organic Chemistry along with laboratory courses
A year of Biology along with laboratory courses
A year of Physics along with laboratory courses
A year of English
A year of Calculus or other advanced math classes (including Statistics)

I also know that they don’t really want you to major in science, but rather something else you’re interested in. But I absolutely love science. SO I haven’t yet figured out yet what to major in.

I’m very sure that I want to work in the medical field and not just be a nurse like members of my family.
I absolutely love caring for people and this is the right career path for me.
But the only downside is the 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 4 years of residency.
I started school late so I will be graduating at age 19, which means after all that schooling I’ll be 31.
And 27 before I get paid for the one year internship and the three years of residency.

Which is a long time to wait for children. I absolutely love kids. And would like to have one in my early twenties, before I finish college.
I understand that it would be very hard, having a baby and completing college.
But I’ve always sailed through school so easily. And I’m so ready to work my butt off so I can have my dream career or something near so. I might even become an OB/GYN.
But I’ll figure that out in med-school.

So do online schools offer the required pre-med courses?
Because I noticed that there’s labs there and I don’t know how that would work?
I want to become an anesthesiologist. If that helps any

Best answer:

Answer by Rob
online schools are FAKE/PRETEND colleges, don’t waste your time or money

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